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Study Visit | Fight against gender stereotypes: in educational and teaching practices, in school guidance and career guidance

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Study visit (voertaal: Engels)

Profile of participants
The study visit is targeted at school inspectors (primary and secondary schools), trainers, school leaders, educational, social and health personnel, experts, guidance counsellors, ministerial representatives. Active participation is expected. The participants should be prepared to share their experiences and suggest a tool or practice which seems relevant in its country regarding the fight against gender stereotypes.

Themes and goals of the event
How to fight against gender stereotypes? What educational policy is implemented? What actions in terms of communication, school socialization? What are the innovations in educational and teaching practices to fight against gender stereotypes? How to make sure that school career guidance is giving equal opportunities and advices for girls and boys? How to make sure that the access of girls to scientific and technical subjects is fair? The participants should be interested in exchanging and developing good practices, methods, materials, tools, pedagogical approaches and/or ways of working in this specific field.

Participants would also get information on Erasmus+ eTwinning opportunities for further cooperation.

This event is co-organised with the IH2EF (Institute for advanced studies in education and training), for the  Ministry of Education in France.

Expected results
Sharing experiences, practices and educational policies with other specialists from all over Europe on the topic. Meeting projects, experts and participate actively to workshops in order to enrich practices. Discovering Erasmus + opportunities to go further at European level.

Additional information:
Travel information: IH2EF is located at Chasseneuil du Poitou - Futuroscope (near Poitiers), and can be reach by train, taxi or bus. Poitiers is served by an airport and connected to many cities in Europe by high speed train station especially from Paris.


The seminar starts on 25 May at 2PM and ends on 28 May at noon. Costs coverered by the organizing NA: meals and accommodation from 25 May 2PM until 28 May noon (3 nights).

De reiskosten worden vergoed door het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+ Nederland en de verblijfskosten worden vergoed door het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+ in Frankrijk.

Deelnemers hebben alleen recht op de vergoeding van de kosten wanneer de daarvoor bestemde formulieren zijn gebruikt. Deelnemers worden geselecteerd op basis van de motivatie voor deelname. Bij goedkeuring ontvangt de deelnemer een contract voor de financiële afwikkeling.

Er zijn voor Nederland twee plaatsen gereserveerd.

Wil je deelnemen en gebruikmaken van de vergoeding vanuit het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+? Vul dan onderstaand motivatieformulier tijdig in en stuur deze naar de betreffende contactpersoon!

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