Peer-learning seminar – Staff Training Mobility in Higher Education

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Gepubliceerd op: 17 april 2019

Transnational Cooperation Activity

  • Locatie: Oostenrijk
  • Adres: Wenen
  • Aanvang:18 september 2019
  • Eind:20 september 2019

Profile of participants
The event is open to participants within the field of higher education. The target group of the seminar is HEI staff responsible for staff development (e.g. Vice-Rectors for Staff Affairs, heads of HR departments).

Themes and goals of the event
Cross-border mobility of university staff is being perceived as an increasingly important value over the past years. Ongoing international discussions demonstrate the need for structured and strategic approaches towards this topic. The professional development of both teaching and non-teaching staff is essential to the success of internationalisation processes at the universities and can contribute towards integrating non-mobile groups of students as part of ‘internationalisation at home’ concepts. Staff mobility for teaching purposes is (decentralised) part of the Erasmus programme since 2000 whereas staff training opportunities started to be funded from 2007. As a consequence of the continuous growth of staff mobility the need for a strategic approach to the quality of mobility has increasingly gained relevance. . In line with the described overarching targets, the Austrian mobility strategy for higher education contains a dedicated focus on mobility of staff. Career development structures can significantly benefit from an interface with the strategic alignment of international activities. Therefore this TCA will focus on staff training opportunities with a particular focus on linking internationalization strategies of higher education institutions with human resource development.

Expected results
The aim of the seminar is to identify and share good practices through exchanging various European experts views and approaches. This should give the participants inspiration and new ideas and lead to the implementation of measures for better use of the Erasmus+ staff training activity within the participating institutions. The focus lies on non-academic and administrative staff and the links with HR development strategies in higher education. Besides this the seminar should contribute towards the re-development of the Austrian higher education mobility strategy.

Additional information:
Indicative timetable: 18 September arrival, icebreaking activity and dinner; 19 September full day working programme followed by a cultural activity and dinner; 20 September half day working programme, departure.

Event fee € 100,00 for accommodation in a single room for two nights, all meals and participation in all the events.

De reiskosten en de ‘event fee’ worden vergoed door het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+ Nederland.

Deelnemers hebben alleen recht op de vergoeding van de kosten wanneer de daarvoor bestemde formulieren zijn gebruikt. Deelnemers worden geselecteerd op basis van de motivatie voor deelname. Bij goedkeuring ontvangt de deelnemer een contract voor de financiële afwikkeling.

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