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Online seminar | Building up the capacity: family and school together for well-being, parental engagement and family schools

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Primair en voorgezet onderwijs

Online seminar (voertaal: Engels)

Themes and goals of the event

We invite you to the webinar Building up the capacity: family and school together for well-being. A European webinar on parental engagement and family schools. This is a webinar on family and caretaker involvement in general education (early childhood education and care; basic education – children from 0 to 16 years).

Alongside with children, families need support to build on their capacity to help their children in achieving their educational goals. Working together with parents and using the resources of school leaders, teachers and supporting staff will strengthen pupils’ well-being. A home environment that encourages learning as well as parental engagement in school activities has an impact on children’s motivation to learn. Building family–school partnerships and different engagement models has given positive outcomes.

The webinar is arranged as a cooperation of the Finnish and Icelandic Erasmus+ National Agencies and the City of Pori.

Profile of participants

  • Decision makers at the school education sector (principals, directors, heads of kindergartens/ECEC, municipalities, ministries)
  • Teachers, special teachers
  • Professionals working in education (e.g. psychologists, guidance counsellors)
  • Teacher trainers

Content and objectives

  • The webinar will highlight successful models and methods, and results of topical research will be disseminated.
  • Keynote speeches from experts in the field.
  • Co-development and sharing experiences
  • Virtual study visits to local schools and organizations.
  • Networking opportunities for school representatives and experts to find partners for future projects; support of the National Agencies’ Erasmus+ staff on site.

Expected results

  • Finding new ways to support pupils in risk of early school leaving 
  • Sharing of tools and methods among teachers 
  • Peer support  
  • Facilitating the building of new transnational networks and projects within the theme of inclusion 


Additional information can be found on the seminar website (including seminar programme).

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