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Erasmus+ Online Contact Seminar for Schools | Green Erasmus, Green Mobility, Green Schools

Training and Cooperation Activity | Download het motivatieformulier en geef je op vóór 23 februari 2021!

Primair en voorgezet onderwijs

Profile of participants

This event aims at attracting newcomers to the Erasmus+ programme: Target groups are teachers or head teachers from schools in the field of general education (lower and upper secondary education / pupil age from 10 years onwards). Participants should be motivated to apply for (or cooperate on) an Erasmus+ project in 2021.

Themes and goals of the event

This Training and Cooperation Activity (TCA) is a thematic online Contact Making Seminar, which offers the opportunity to:

  • learn about the new funding opportunities in Erasmus+ in the field of school education (focus on Key action 1: pupil mobility and teacher training);
  • exchange experiences across borders about climate change and environmental issues;
  • get inspired by best practice Erasmus+-school projects on green topics and learn about the concept of blended mobility in the Erasmus programme;
  • explore eTwinning and learn about the digital collaboration opportunities of the platform;
  • get to know potential project partners from all over Europe;
  • learn how to apply for a project and develop first steps towards an Erasmus+-project for newcomers.

Expected results

The participants: 

  • will acquire the know-how to apply for a school mobility project under Key action 1 in the new Erasmus+ programme
  • will acquire the know-how to start a project on the eTwinning platform;
  • will be connected to teachers in other programme countries with similar interests in "green" initiatives who could be partners in future projects;
  • will learn from best practice projects and experienced project coordinators and understand what makes a good quality project (concepts for learning mobility and blended mobility, thematic cooperation projects).

The concrete results of the seminar would be successful project applications under Erasmus+ and new Erasmus+ eTwinning projects launched on the platform.

Additional information

The seminar will take place on Wednesday 10.03.2021 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and on Thursday 11.03.2021 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m (CET).

Since participation requires registration on the eTwinning-platform, we kindly ask all participants to register on before the seminar.

All participants receive a Certificate of Attendance for this training after the seminar.

We kindly request our participants to download the required communication tool before the meeting and to use a camera and a headset with a microphone. 

Overige informatie van het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+


Niet van toepassing (online seminar).


Deelnemers worden geselecteerd op basis van de motivatie voor deelname. Bij goedkeuring ontvangt de deelnemer een contract voor de inhoudelijke verslaglegging.


Er zijn voor Nederland vier plaatsen aangevraagd.

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