Creative arts as a path to inclusion | Contact Seminar for School Exchange Partnerships & eTwinning Partnerships

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Gepubliceerd op: 13 mei 2019

Transnational Cooperation Activity | Geef je op vóór 26 juli 2019

  • Locatie: Duitsland
  • Adres: Düsseldorf
  • Aanvang:10 oktober 2019
  • Eind:13 oktober 2019
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Profile of participants
The seminar is open to participants within the fields of school education. The contact seminar is mainly targeted at school leaders and teachers of pupils aged between 6 and 16, interested in the theme of the seminar and committed to develop Erasmus+ School Exchange Partnerships. Since we would like to give as many schools as possible the chance to participate, we can accept only one person per school.

Themes and goals of the event
The contact seminar offers an opportunity for school leaders and teachers to work together on topics of mutual interest. You will receive information about the Erasmus+ programme in general and Key Action 2 – School Exchange Partnerships in particular. During an Erasmus+ School Exchange Partnership pupils and teachers work together in international teams on a chosen topic. During the seminar you will develop project ideas for Erasmus+ School Exchange Partnerships and start preparing your project application. The topic of your School Exchange Partnership will be your free choice. We will, however, content wise, focus on impulses and best practice examples of how to use creative arts as a path to inclusion during an Erasmus+ School Exchange Partnership.

“Inclusion” basically means equal access and opportunities for everyone. In school it is a lot about designing the learning environment and methods in such a way that all pupils are properly supported in their learning processes – no matter of race, gender, social and economic background or any kind of special needs. Creative arts can be used to improve inclusion in school partnership projects. Creative expression through painting, singing, dancing, drama can strengthen group building, emotional intelligence, curiosity and empathy. All pupils can take part according to their abilities. Different levels of language skills or intercultural differences can also be compensated by working together in a creative way.

We would like to invite you to discuss ways to use creative arts at your school and in international project work to improve inclusion and develop project ideas for your Erasmus+ application in 2020. Please understand that we will not have the time to carry out creative workshops on different topics because our main aim will be to form school partnerships and work on project ideas.

Expected results
Participants will develop project ideas and start preparing their project application during the contact seminar.

Additional information:
For the TCA we set up a TwinSpace in eTwinning, where the participants will have the opportunity to get to know each other before the seminar takes place . In this TwinSpace you will also find the updated programme, seminar description and other practical information. Link to the TwinSpace:

The TCA will start with a dinner at 7pm on Thursday 10 October and will finish with a dinner on Saturday night 12 October. Departure of participants is foreseen for Sunday 13 October.

De reiskosten worden vergoed door het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+ Nederland en de verblijfskosten (“accommodation in a single room for 3 nights, all meals, documentations, participation in cultural events”) worden vergoed door het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+ Duitsland.

Deelnemers hebben alleen recht op de vergoeding van de kosten wanneer de daarvoor bestemde formulieren zijn gebruikt. Deelnemers worden geselecteerd op basis van de motivatie voor deelname. Bij goedkeuring ontvangt de deelnemer een contract voor de financiële afwikkeling.

Wil je deelnemen en gebruikmaken van de vergoeding vanuit het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+? Vul dan onderstaand motivatieformulier tijdig in en stuur deze naar de betreffende contactpersoon.

Er zijn voor Nederland drie plaatsen gereserveerd.