Contact Seminar: Fostering Social Inclusion of Migrants and Ethnic Communities through Cultural Heritage

Gepubliceerd op: 21 juli 2019

Transnational Cooperation Activity | Meld je aan voor 23 augustus 2019

  • Locatie: Malta
  • Adres: Triq l-Imtarfa, Imtarf
  • Aanvang:22 oktober 2019
  • Eind:24 oktober 2019
  • Inschrijving gesloten 

Profile of participants

  • The seminar is targeted at all institutions, organisations, federations, and foundations involved in Adult Education and Life Long Learning and which work closely with third country nationals and migrant communities, including, but not exclusively, those under international protection and refugees; 
  • Representatives of authorities responsible for the integration of migrant communities through the provision of services, including but not exclusively, education for the provision of basic needs, upskilling pathways and language learning; 
  • Representatives of authorities, institutions and organisations working in the field of cultural heritage, including, but not exclusively, museums, art councils etc;
  • Representatives of migrant communities;
  • Newcomers and those with some experience in Erasmus+ KA204 projects are welcomed. Those organisations whose application was rejected in previous calls are also welcome to participate;
  • Participants should be willing to exchange good practises and create partnerships for future Erasmus + Adult Education projects either as sending or receiving partners.

Main objectives

  • Provide opportunities for the sharing of knowledge, good practices and experiences related to different aspects of Adult Education Erasmus+ projects, with a special focus on projects related to the field of migration and inclusion of migrants through collaboration with the field of cultural heritage;
  • Analyse the needs of project coordinators at application stage including the full understanding of the main priorities in the Adult Education sector, the development of an internationalisation strategy and quality framework;
  • Elaborate proposals to improve the quality of project implementation;
  • Analyse the different aspects of the coordinators’ and mentors’ daily activity in relation to projects that target the needs of migrant communities and cultural institutions as they provide personal support (ranging from support for learning purposes, social inclusion and integration) to all third country nationals and migrant learners, in light of the different potential and existing challenges;
  • Provide opportunities for networking and for the development of project ideas and the eventual writing of the application form

Expected results 

Participants should grasp a good idea of the opportunities available for them within the Erasmus+ programme and how they can go about developing a good application form to submit in the next call. Furthermore, the TCA aims to provide the right platforms for the participants to find the right partners and contacts, as well as to share ideas and experiences.

Draft programme of the event (subject to changes):

Participants will receive the full programme closer to the dates of the TCA.

De verblijfs- en de ‘event fee’ (the cost of 4 night-accommodation in single room occupancy on bed and breakfast basis and conference fees) worden vergoed door het coördinerende Nationaal Agentschap (European Union Programmes
Agency MT01). De reiskosten worden vergoed door het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+ Nederland.

Deelnemers hebben alleen recht op de vergoeding van de kosten wanneer de daarvoor bestemde formulieren zijn gebruikt. Deelnemers worden geselecteerd op basis van de motivatie voor deelname. Bij goedkeuring ontvangt de deelnemer een contract voor de financiële afwikkeling.

Wil je deelnemen en gebruikmaken van de vergoeding vanuit het Nationaal Agentschap Erasmus+? Vul dan onderstaand motivatieformulier tijdig in en stuur deze naar de betreffende contactpersoon.

Er is voor Nederland één plaats gereserveerd.