Review conference Guidance to the labour market 6-8 October 2019


Gepubliceerd op: 1 november 2020

The guidance of adults with a disadvantaged position towards the labour market was the main focus during the European seminar that took place in 's-Hertogenbosch. Some forty European and twenty Dutch participants who are active in this field took part. The participants exchanged ideas in order to be able to guide people in a vulnerable position to the labour market in the best possible way. They gained valuable connections and worked on concrete project plans, which will certainly be followed up!

Valuable connections and concrete plans for European cooperation

After two days of intensive brainstorming, seven project ideas were presented to each other and to the jury: Zoe Dyson Falconer, project manager of Ecorys UK, Adriana Stel, director of DOORZAAM - the fund for the sustainable employability (DI) of temporary workers - and Lise Weerde, policy advisor at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Pitches project ideas

  1. A script for the development of a simulation game or virtual reality game for interview practice.
  2. Transforming the platform of learning cities into a platform for jobseekers to show their skills.  
  3. Exchange of good practices between various EU countries on social inclusion of young adult refugees between the ages of eighteen and 29.
  4. The main objective of the project partners is to exchange good practices between the organisations in the various countries.
  5. Further development of entrepreneurial skills to increase employability. Development of a workshop for teachers and job coaches to provide tools for communicating 21st century skills to their students and clients.
  6. Improving the skills of professionals working with young people suffering from trauma. These professionals are now often not sufficiently equipped for their task.
  7. Empowering on career choices. Involve people more actively in making their own career decisions. Participants from France and Slovenia, among others, joined immediately after the pitch.

Read more about the pitches and the winning pitch


* Sabah Göransson, adult education Vux Huddinge (Sweden)

Sabah is committed to school development (lesson development/projects) and strives for more inclusion. In the interview, Sabah tells about her approach and what the seminar has brought her.  Read more >>

* Mario Verzele, umbrella association Supported Employment (BE)

Mariola assists people with a disability or with a distance to the labour market, in finding and keeping work in the regular labour market. In the interview, Mariola explains, among other things, the next steps she will take with the new contacts she has made. Read more >>

* Ingrid Bon Provincial Support Institution - POI (NL)

Ingrid advises and supports libraries and cultural organisations. In the interview she talks about what she has learned about the possibilities of European strategic cooperation with Erasmus+. And what the next steps are with the contacts she has made. Read more >>